Public Notice

Dana Duan 
Office General Manager
Elong International USA Inc
Warning of Potentially Hazardous T6 LED Filament Bulbs
The following is a notification from Elong International that Model # GVT62W27 may not be suitable inside Exit Sign fixtures.  Though there is nothing wrong with the actual bulb and can be used in open fixtures, such as picture frames, it was not tested for enclosed Exit sign and thus may be hazardous when used in totally enclosed fixtures such as exit signs.  
Name of product:  Great Value LED T6 Tube GVT62W27
Manufacturer:  Elong International USA Inc
Hazard:  When used in totally enclosed fixtures, there is a chance for bulb to over heat and may have risk of fire
Remedy:  Do not use in Exit signs or other totally enclosed fixtures 
This product was sold to Wal Mart and is available in Wal Mart Stores.